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    Hello Primajaya Komputindo. I am writing this review with full of mindfulness. I hope you can improve your service and realize what you are lacking. I am greatly disappointed with the service. My sister and i came to the store to complain about the Lenovo laptop that we bought in October 2016. The laptop (sorry) was so damn slow and we can't use it for working. The employees there were making excuses by saying my wifi at home is so slow so that the laptop was operating slowly too. (Fyi, i have one computer and another laptop and they are operating very nicely, so my wifi is not the problem). My sister did some arguments with the employees. After we decided to wait patiently for the employee to reset the laptop, suddenly one of the employees came back to the store and  shouted loudly to ME (who was calm from the first time and didnt do many arguments) and he said to me "Maunya nci apa?" with BULGING EYES. I am so sorry, i can't tolerate it when an employee shouted at me (i was customer there), so I shouted him back. Lol. I hope the boss can fix this problem ASAP.

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