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26 May 2015 - 17:20

Nih Gan, List Command Untuk Google Now

Android user, pada suka gunain fitur Google Now gak? Jadi fitur ini adalah fitur yang memungkinkan kita untuk mengakses Google Search melalui perintah suara. Nah kalian pasti belum tau semua perintah-perintah suara yang bisa kita katakan ke Google Now? Nih berikut gw kasih list-listnya:


Informasi Umum:

  • How old is [Joko Widodo]?
  • Where was [Usher] born?
  • Define [colloquial] (Or “What does [colloquial] mean?”)
  • What time is it in [Jakarta]?
  • Search for [photography tips]
  • Show me pictures of [the Leaning Tower of Pisa]
  • Do I need an umbrella today? What’s the weather like? What’s the weather in [New Orleans] [this weekend]?
  • What the [Google] stock price? What is [Apple] trading at?
  • What’s [182 yards] in [miles]? What is [12 ounces] in [liters]?
  • What’s [135] divided by [7.5]? (A great many types of math equations will work.)
  • Search [Tumblr] for [cat pictures] (more apps are added to this search-within-apps function all the time)


Kontrol Perangkat:

  • Open [pricebook.co.id]
  • Take a picture (“Take a photo” juga bisa)
  • Record a video
  • Open [Twtter]
  • Turn [on / off] [Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Flashlight]



  • What’s the tip for [123 dollars]?
  • Set an alarm for [6:30 am]
  • Set a timer for [20 minutes]
  • Create a calendar event: [Dinner with Glenda, Saturday at 9pm.]
  • Remind me to [buy coffee at 7am] (try locations! Remind me to [buy coffee filters at Walgreens])
  • What is my schedule for tomorrow? (also: What does my day look like [Friday]?)
  • Where’s my package? (tracking confirmation must be in Gmail)
  • Make a note: [update my router firmware] (also try “Note to self:” This works with multiple apps, and you can even email yourself!)
  • Find [Florence Ion’s] [phone number] (Works with all info in your contacts - addresses, birthdays, etc.)
  • Show me my bills. (or: My bills due this week.)



  • Call [Jon] (also works with relationships: Call [sister])
  • Text [Susie] [great job on that feature yesterday] (also works with relationships: Text [mom] [I’m not going to be able to pick you up from the airport, period, I’m a bad son, period])
  • Send email to [Robert Baratheon], subject, [hunting], message, [I don’t think you should drink so much when you go hunting, period]
  • Post to [Twitter]: [Evan is awesome]
  • What is French for [I am Charlie]?
  • [Send a Hangout message] to [Dad].



  • Flip a coin
  • Roll dice (rolls a single six-sided die)
  • What is the loneliest number?
  • Do a barrel roll!
  • Askew / Tilt
  • Go go Gadget [Spotify]
  • When am I?
  • Make me a sandwich
  • Sudo make me a sandwich
  • Who’s on first?
  • Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right
  • Tell me a joke
  • Who are you?
  • Beam me up, Scotty!
  • What is [Jennifer Lawrence’s] Bacon number?



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