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29 Desember 2016 - 17:03

Xiaomi Redmi 4a

harga xiaomi redmi 4a berapa,gan?

lokasi toko dimana?


Samyang 30 December 2016

Redmi 4A harga 1,3 jutaan, harga ada offline dan offline. Cek di linknya aja

Fikri Ravansyah 25 January 2017

Untuk kamera depan xiaomi redmi 4a ini ngezoom ga si??

Samyang 26 January 2017

Untuk kamera depan xiaomi redmi 4a ini ngezoom ga si??

Fikri Ravansyah

kamera depan mana ada yang bisa ngezoom gan?

Chancellor 21 August 2020

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Lisa Alix 15 March 2021

xiaomi redmi 4a for camera use and best quality alsobuy with the help of online store with discount then you coupon code.

Guy Hopkins 21 March 2021

Hi, this phone currently costs about $ 110. I also want to note that Xiaomi Redmi 4A, unlike the other two representatives of the line, Redmi 4 and Redmi 4 Pro, is hidden not in a metal, but in a plastic case. The back of the device looks even more minimalistic, since there is basically no fingerprint scanner, and the camera's peephole takes up much less space. The only delicacy is the grooves at the top and bottom edges, which are associated with dividers in metal smartphones. I learned this information from posts on Instagram in which the authors talk about budget smartphones. From time to time I see such posts there and noticed that most often they were published by accounts to which more than 46 thousand subscribers were subscribed! I am sure this is because the owners of these accounts buy instagram followers in order to increase their number.

Jake Ostin 15 April 2021

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Nate Tinor 28 April 2021

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