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08 November 2017 - 19:11

Laptop GPU issue

I had a problem with my dell inspiron n5010 laptop. The laptop had a dedicated AMD graphics of 1 GB which helped me to pay medium spec games and stuff. I purchased this laptop on 2009.So its almost 8 years old.Though i had to replace my HDD (2013) and Motherboard + heatsink (2014) due to some issues. In 2016 i had an issue with my amd gpu.I used to get a blue scrren when im playing graphics intensive tasks or when i play games.
I give to repair to nearby dell service center and he issue was fixed by reinstalling OS and drivers. 
Then later in 2017 the same issue reappeared this time the service personality suggesting me to do a reflow.So i have done the reflow and there was no issue for 6 monmths provided i didnt use y laptop for much gaming this time. But again after 6 months the same issue occured as a service person suggested me to do reballing. Now after reballing i found that they replaced my AMD gpu with Intel HD Graphics. The service personnel didnt tell me they replaced AMD chip with Intel until i found out that. They just handed over the laptop to me and said your issue is fixed.
When displaying AMD under device manager-> Display Adaper, they said they had replaced AMD with intel chipas the AMD chip is damaged. They charged me Rs 3700 (INR) for this work laptop may me usable for atleast 2 years. (No warranty though) And they said if they are gonna replace with AMD chips then chances are there my laptop goes into same issue again after few months.
And it would cost around Rs 5800 (INR) for replacing with AMD chip. I entirely dont believe their theory that i amd the chip got damaged.They could have tried to reballing the same chip.Or it may have got damaged due to some mistake from
their side..or they might have replaced this to some other laptop. I have my doubts.Now without a dedicated graphics as you know I can not perform graphic intensive tasks thus lowering the laptop value. I would like to have some information on the below. 
Can a graphics gpu with such issue repaired by reballing?
Is there a chance like gpu going completely dead?
In the current scenario is this the best service i can get?
What other best options do i have?

I did not find the right solution from the internet.


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    Buy the new one :D

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  • Lucas Ashton
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