Risky Wijaya Praba Saputra
Professor Level 14
30 July 2015 - 10:56

ini dia daftar perintah yang bisa kamu gunakan di OK Google

halo gan ane mw kasih sedikit tips nih buat iseng2 maenan sama voice command dari google, "OK google" udah tau kan gmn cara make nya :3 nah cobain deh perintah2 di bawah ini (dalam bhs inggris) 
*tinggal di ganti yg di dalam [ ] aja ya gan

informasi umum

  • How old is [Neil deGrasse Tyson]?
  • Where was [Louis C.K.] born?
  • Define [colloquial] (ato bisa pake ini “What does [colloquial] mean?”)
  • What time is it in [Tokyo]?
  • Search for [photography tips]
  • Show me pictures of [the Leaning Tower of Pisa]
  • Do I need an umbrella today? What’s the weather like? What’s the weather in [New Orleans] [this weekend]?
  • What the [Google] stock price? What is [Apple] trading at?
  • What’s [182 yards] in [miles]? What is [12 ounces] in [liters]?
  • What’s [135] divided by [7.5]? (bisa juga pake rumus2 yg ribet asal bener aja nyebutin nya heuheu)
  • Search [Tumblr] for [cat pictures] (banyak apps yg bisa di pake melalui fungsi ini gan di cobain aja yes)

kontrol perangkat

  • Open [greenbot.com]
  • Take a picture (“Take a photo” juga bisa gan)
  • Record a video
  • Open [Spotify]
  • Turn [on / off] [Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Flashlight]


  • What’s the tip for [123 dollars]?
  • Set an alarm for [6:30 am]
  • Set a timer for [20 minutes]
  • Create a calendar event: [Dinner with Glenda, Saturday at 9pm.]
  • Remind me to [buy coffee at 7am] (cobain lokasi gan! Remind me to [buy coffee filters at Walgreens])
  • What is my schedule for tomorrow? (dan juga: What does my day look like [Friday]?)
  • Where’s my package? (status tracking harus ada di Gmail yes)
  • Make a note: [update my router firmware] (cobain juga “Note to self:” ini bisa dipakai di multiple apps, agan jg bisa loh ngirim email ke email agan sndiri)
  • Find [Florence Ion’s] [phone number] (bisa juga untuk nyari yang lain di kontak kamu - addresses, birthdays, etc.)
  • Show me my bills. (ato: My bills due this week.)


  • Call [Jon] (bisa juga kalo kontak ente ada status relationshipnya : Call [pacar])
  • Text [Susie] [great job on that feature yesterday] (bisa juga kalo kontak ente ada status relationshipnya: Text [mom] [I’m not going to be able to pick you up from the airport, period, I’m a bad son, period])
  • Send email to [Robert Baratheon], subject, [hunting], message, [I don’t think you should drink so much when you go hunting, period]
  • Post to [Twitter]: [Oh my god the Red Wedding episode!]
  • What is French for [I am Charlie]?
  • [Send a Hangout message] to [Dad].
  • Send a [Viber] message to [Derek]: Hang on, I'm going to get more coffee. (bisa berfungsi untuk WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Telegram, and NextPlus) <-fitur terbaru gan 

Navigasi dan Perjalanan

  • Where is the nearest [sushi restauraunt]?
  • Navigate to [gedung abc, jakarta] 
  • Directions to [Fisherman’s Wharf] by [bike] (cobain juga ini gan “Directions home” ato “How do I get home?”)
  • Where is [the Louvre]?
  • Show me the menu for [Green Chile Kitchen]
  • Call [Asian Art Museum]
  • Show me my flight info
  • Where’s my hotel?
  • What are some attractions around here?
  • How do you say [good night] in [Japanese]?
  • What is [50,000 yen] in [dollars]?
  • What’s the flight status of [air asia] flight [735]?
  • Show me restauraunts near my hotel -or- Give me directions back to my hotel (ini bakal berhasil kalo hotel yang kamu sebutin udah subscript di akun gmail agan)


  • Play some music (ngebuka “I’m feeling lucky” stasiun radio di Google Play Music)
  • Next Song / Pause Song
  • Play [Happy] (musiknya harus ada di Google Play Music smartphone agan)
  • Watch [The Lego Movie] (film dan tv yang kamu sebutkan harus ada di Google Play account)
  • What’s this song?
  • Listen to TV
  • What songs does [Pharrell] sing?
  • Read [Hunger Games]
  • Did the [Chelsea] win today? 
  • What’s the score in the [Chelsea] game?
  • What movies are playing [tonight]? 
  • Where is [ant man] playing?

Fun hidden stuff

kalo yang dibawah ini buat lucu2an aja gan harus dicobain deh

  • Flip a coin
  • Roll dice (rolls a single six-sided die)
  • What is the loneliest number?
  • Do a barrel roll!
  • Askew / Tilt
  • Go go Gadget [Spotify]
  • When am I?
  • Make me a sandwich
  • Sudo make me a sandwich
  • Who’s on first?
  • Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right
  • Tell me a joke
  • Who are you?
  • Beam me up, Scotty!
  • What is [Jennifer Lawrence’s] Bacon number?
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