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22 Februari 2021 - 16:15

Yamaha XMAX Tempting, Sweet Body Color Other Parts Change

 Yamaha XMAX is tempting, the sweet body color of other parts is changing stylishly .

Again, we found a modification of the Yamaha gambot scooter, namely the Yamaha XMAX which seemed to change from the body sector, braking, legs to upgrading the pacemaker.

As was done by an owner of Yamaha XMAX 250 alert 2018 which changed various partsmotorcycle


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Dika with Yamaha XMAX modificationAziz
Dika with Yamaha XMAX modification
It doesn't look extreme, Dika Bagas Prabowo is the owner motorcycle

 carrying the Proper Racing concept.

"The basics motorcycle
 I am Yamaha XMAX 250 in 2018, mas, the concept can be said to be proper but I also call a lot of racing parts, so I call it Proper Racing, "opens the guy who is familiarly called Dika.

First of all, the changes that are immediately obvious are of course changes in appearance motorcycle

 by changing the body color.

The seductive body color was washed down by Midnight PurpleAziz
The seductive body color was washed down by Midnight Purple
The smooth body part is washed with new dark purple paint which is quite tempting for anyone who sees it.

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"It's a hobby too automotive

 And when I have my fortune, I immediately gas. First, repaint the smooth body using Midnight Purple colors, "added this big guy.