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Sennheiser IE 8i

Sennheiser IE 8i

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semm hd201

Rp 222,500
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For over 60 years, JBL has engineered the precise, naturally articulated sound found in cinemas, arenas and recording studios around the world.<br/><br/>That legendary JBL sound is now available anywhere personal audio travels with a look all its own. JBL J33i in-ear headphones employ premium drivers that generate high sensitivity, extended frequency response and pure bass that is deep, powerful and accurate. <br/><br/>So you hear the truth from your favorite music. Angled strain relief buckles keep the cables from riding on your ears and also reduce resonance that can compromise sound quality. Three pairs of silicone sleeves (small, medium and large) are included for optimal comfort and passive noise reduction. <br/><br/><br/>color available : black &amp;amp;amp; white<br/>*pilhan warna tolong sertakan di keteranhan , jika tidak ada akan dikirim sesuai stock yang tersedia.

Rp 288,000
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Apple (iOS) version with 3-button in-line remote and integrated mic to control music and take calls<br/>New, ultra small design features a 28-ohm impedance transducer delivering balanced sound and deep bass<br/>Shape and size optimized for exceptional fit and outstanding wearing comfort<br/>Choice of 4 ear adapter sizes ensure good fit for effective noise blocking

Rp 450,000
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On-the-ear Headphone, 24 ohm<br/><br/>Impedance, 1000 mW Max Power Input, 30 mm Headphone Driver Units, 5 Hz - 22000 Hz Headphone Frequency Response, <br/><br/>Wired Connectivity, Over-the-head Design. <br/><br/>Connector Plating Gold Plated, Cord Type 1.2 m Y-type Cord; The Sony XB450 makes sure rich bass is never missed out on. Providing excellent depth, the headphones ensure a pleasurable listening experience. Magnet Type Neodymium; Swivel Folding Design, Pressure Relieving Ear Pads, Tangle Free Flat Serration Cord, Stereo Mini Plug, Diaphragm: PET, Dynamic Type.

Rp 215,000
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Tersedia 2 warna ( hitam dan putih ) lihat foto.<br/>Mohon beri keterangan warna yang dipilih pada pesanan.<br/><br/>Microphone Included , cable can be plugged.<br/>Premium OEM JBL drivers deliver incredible detail and low-end response<br/>Exciting JBL design with premium finish<br/>Rotating, 180-degree DJ pivot mechanism so you can keep one ear on your audio and one ear on external sounds or conversations<br/>Closed-back design blocks ambient noise and minimizes sound leaking out

Rp 202,500
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3,5 / 6,3MM ADAPTER INCLUDED<br/>FULLY COLLAPSIBLE CONSTRUCTION<br/>SUPER SOFT EAR CUSHIONS<br/>Built-in microphone allows you to take calls or record voice memos through your device.<br/>The double-ended coil cord with mic and remote is completely de-tachable so you can decide which side you prefer to wear it. Use the empty 3.5mm socket to share your music with someone else.<br/><br/><br/>READY : COKLAT , HITAM<br/><br/>*jika warna yang diorder habis , maka akan dikirim sesuai dengan stok yang tersedia.

Rp 734,300
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Samsung Galaxy (Android) version with 3-button in-line remote and integrated mic to control music and take calls<br/>New, ultra small design features a 28-ohm impedance transducer delivering balanced sound and deep bass<br/>Shape and size optimized for exceptional fit and outstanding wearing comfort<br/>Choice of 4 ear adapter sizes ensure good fit for effective noise blocking

Rp 405,000
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Innovative finger-contoured housing design enables for easy adjustment and optimal wearing comfort<br/>Powerful, bass-driven stereo sound<br/>Good attenuation of ambient noise<br/>Optimised for mp3, iPod, iPhone, CD players and portable gaming systems

Rp 202,500
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High-performance dynamic driver systems for powerful, bass-driven stereo sound <br/>Personalised fit in the ear canals due to ergonomic design and different sizes of ear adapters (included in delivery) <br/>Excellent passive attenuation of ambient noise <br/>Carrying pouch included for convenient handling and storage <br/>Optimised for MP3, iPod, iPhone, CD players and portable gaming systems <br/>Symmetrical cable

Rp 225,000
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Sennheiser CX200ii <br/>Vocal jernih , mid seimbang , baas empuk.<br/>Jack audio 3.5mm , jadi bisa digunakan di segala jenis handphone<br/><br/>Innovative Design For Enhanced Grip And Easy Fit, Comfortable Ear-canal Phones With Bass-driven Sound. Finger-contoured Design Of Ear-canal Phones Allows For Easy Adjustment And Optimal Wearing Comfort. Bass-driven Stereo Sound With Good Attenuation Of Ambient Noise

Rp 178,000
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High quality closed back around the ear headphones Advanced acoustic transducers with a specially tuned frequency response Unique leatherette ear pad design blocks outside noise for safer, critical listening Gold plated 1/8 headphone plug (1/4 adapter included)

Rp 550,000
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Sennheiser CX310 Sport Earphone by Adidas

Rp 215,000
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These sports afficianados listen to their headphones/headsets during their sports activities in order to motivate themselves further<br/>Therefore these headphones/headsets have been specifically designed and tested to sound good and to stay comfortable, secure and reliable throughout the course of their activity.<br/><br/>* original equipment manufactured<br/>Headphones

Rp 450,000
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troduction The closed-back, on-ear Marshall Majors headphones carry noise-canceling functionality for your ride to work, school, and anywhere in between. Priced at $100, the Majors deliver excellent sound detail and functional design elements like a Tolex-wrapped headband and a knurled cable jack that are synonymous with the Marshall name. With few complaints aside from fit issues and hot ears after prolonged listening, the Marshall Major headphones provide sartorial flair and brilliant tonal capacity and would make a worthwhile buy for your next pair of headphones. Design and features It's difficult to compare the Marshall Major headphones to any other listening device on the market aside from Marshall's own line of sound amplifiers. The all-black set bears a deliberate cosmetic similarity to Marshall's amps, and the white company insignia gets prominent placement on the outside of both the left and right ear cups. In fact, even the soft leather headband is wrapped with Marshall's own Tolex flexible vinyl fabric that has covered Fender guitar amplifiers and Coffin Case guitar cases since the 1960s. Here, it acts as an extra layer of protection against natural elements while you wear them outside. The rest of the build gets equal attention as well--dual 40mm drivers hide within the ear cups behind a woven fiber in a lattice pattern, and the outer earpiece is wrapped in soft black leather that feels comfortable the instant you put them on your head. Additionally, the swiveling wire cage allows vertical adjustment and also folds into the headband area for organized storage. Marshall curiously omits a carrying bag from the package contents, but we'll give it the benefit of the doubt and assume that there's no need, given the strong rubber and thick plastic that line the joints of the earpieces and headband. Regardless, Marshall backs the Major headphones with a one-year warranty. The single-sided 6-foot cable extends from the left ear cup and includes a coiled portion several inches down that adds extra slack and comes in handy if you store your music player in a backpack or handbag. The 3.5mm plug is unique as well, borrowing its design from guitar cabling with extra-durable spring strain relief and an extra quarter-inch adapter is included in the box.

Rp 700,000
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Sennheiser menghadirkan Sennheiser OCX 685i Adidas Sports Series Headphone dengan bass yang berkualitas dan desain yang sempurna bergaya elegan. Anda juga dapat menikmati alunan musik dengan lebih nyaman karena earphone ini dapat memblok suara dari luar membuat Anda menikmati musik Anda lebih baik pada lingkungan yang berisik.<br/><br/>Desain<br/>Sennheiser OCX 685i Adidas Sports Series Headphone didesain dengan model kokoh berwarna hitam, biru dan silver yang menarik, sangat cocok bagi Anda yang senang berolahraga sambil mendengarkan musik. Kenyamanan maksimal dengan bentuknya yang pas sesuai bentuk telinga Anda. Terbuat dari bantalan dilapisi karet, Anda akan merasa nyaman menggunakannya walaupun untuk jangka waktu yang cukup lama. Apalagi, setiap earphone memiliki kaitan agar dapat bergantung pada telinga Anda.<br/><br/>Penggunaan Nyaman<br/>Sennheiser OCX 685i Adidas Sports Series Headphone ini dirancang dengan bantalan yang terbuat dari silikon dengan berbagai ukuran dan dirancang lebih kokoh dibanding bantalan telinga lainnya sehingga lebih tahan lama. Nikmati playlist lagu favorit Anda lebih lama dengan Sennheiser OCX 685i Adidas Sports Series Headphone.<br/><br/>Teknologi Noise Isolating<br/>Dengan desain in-earnya, Sennheiser OCX 685i Adidas Sports Series Headphone ini juga didukung teknologi noise-isolating yang akan mengurangi suara gangguan dari luar. Hal ini tentunya akan memberikan pengalaman mendengarkan musik yang lebih nyata. Dengan kualitas audio yang jernih, dentuman bass yang bertenaga, nikmati alunan musik dengan yang berkualitas dengan earphone mungil ini.<br/><br/>In Line Remote Kontrol & Mikrofon<br/>Sennheiser OCX 685i Adidas Sports Series Headphone ini juga dilengkapi juga dengan in-line remote kontrol dan mikrofon untuk menjawab panggilan telepon dan mengkontrol daftar lagu. Kompatibel dengan perangkat yang memiliki jack 3.5 mm seperti iPhone, iPod, iPad dan perangkat digital yang mendukung jack audio 3.5mm.<br/><br/>Rincian Teknis<br/>Sennheiser OCX 685i Adidas Sports Series Headphone ini memiliki rincian teknis: frequency response sebesar Hz, impedance 16, serta sensitivity 118 dB/mW.

Rp 575,000
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Audio Technica ATH-CK400i Stereo Earphone with Microphone + Remote Control Controller for iPhone<br/><br/>colour : black mix red , pink<br/>*jika warna yang dipilih tidak ada akan dikirim menyesuaikan stock yang ada.

Rp 315,000
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BOSE OE2 Oem Basshead<br/><br/>The next generation of Bose on-ear headphones<br/>Advanced acoustic design brings out the depth and clarity of your music<br/>Lighter, updated design features slim headband and memory foam ear cushions that reduce pressure points for hours of comfortable listening<br/>Advanced design and durable materials ensure lasting quality<br/>Fold-flat, collapsible design allows easy storage in carrying case

Rp 450,000
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Sennheiser MM50 with Built In Microphone

Rp 184,000
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Compact 13.5mm driver unit; 400 kJ/m3 neodymium magnets produce high-resolution treble and midrange with powerful bass; Angled earbud structure for stable and comfortable wearing; Hybrid silicone rubber earbuds for secure fitting and long-term wearing comfort; Y-type cord with cord slider to prevent cord tangling.<br/><br/>*sisa warna pink

Rp 112,500
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High powered dynamic speaker systems for an outstanding audio performance Ear adapters in different sizes for excellent ear canal fit and ambient noise attenuation Optimised for MP3, iPad, iPod, iPhone (iPad, iPhone and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.) and portable media players

Rp 285,000
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