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Yunteng VCT-288

Yunteng VCT-288

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Tripod Beike QZSD-666 Bisa jadi tripod, bisa jadi monopod Material : Magnesium Alloy Color : Black Section : 5 tubes (24mm; 21mm; 18mm; 15mm, 12mm) Folded Length : 35cm Min Height : 35cm Max Height : 156cm Weight : 1.55kg Max Load : 8kg Ball head : QZSD-02

Rp 680,000
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YN-560III<br/><br/>Garansi: 1 Minggu<br/>Perbedaan dengan YN-560II: <br/>Sudah bulit-in Receiver Trigger RF-602/RF-603<br/><br/>Specifications<br/><br/>Circuit design: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor(IGBT)<br/>Guide No.: 58 (ISO 100, 105mm)<br/>Flash mode: M, Multi, (no TTL)<br/>Triggering mode: Camera set-up, S1, S2, RX<br/>Zoom range: mm<br/>Vertical rotation angle: -7 - 90 degrees<br/>Horizontal rotation angle: degrees<br/>Power supply: 4 x AA size batteries(Alkaline or Ni-MH are usable)<br/>Lighting times: times (AA alkaline cell used)<br/>Recycle time: approx 3s(AA alkaline cell used)<br/>Color temperature: 5600k<br/>Flash time: Flash control: 8 levels of output contrevels of fine tuning<br/>External interface: hot shoe, PC port and eternal charging port<br/>Wireless triggering distance: 100m(2.4G wireless); 20-25m indoor, 10-15m outdoor (Optical control)<br/>Additional features: The electronic flash head zooming, sound prompt, automatically saving setting, power saving mode, overhearting protection and advanced options<br/>Weight: 350g

Rp 770,000
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Tripod + Monopod Beike QZSD-555 Merk Beike Material : Aluminium Color : Black Section : 5 tubes (24mm; 21mm; 18mm; 15mm, 12mm) Folded Length : 34cm Min Height : 34cm Max Height : 154cm Weight : 1.15kg Max Load : 5kg Ball head : QZSD-01A Video Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1BUKXy5iq30

Rp 580,000
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Monopod Yunteng VCT-Versi ekonomis dari Ashank dan jieyang Ada kaki Bisa dilock Tinggi maksimum 150cm Berat total 1.04 kg Maksimum load 3kg Tinggi terlipat 57cm Panhead dapat dilepas Menggunakan fluid he

Rp 525,000
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Tripod Beike Q668 Portable Magnesium Aluminium Tripod Monopod Q668 Professional Aluminum Alloy Portable Traveling Tripod Monopod+ Ball Head for SLR Camera Max Load 8Kg The Beike brand of tripods are rapidly gaining a great reputation worldwide due to their rock solid professional construction and great price! Other brand tripods of this quality can be 2 to 3x the price! Very similar to our top selling Q-666 model, the Q-668 has very similar specifications but has nicer quality finishing in the legs and neck rings with rubber grips replacing the plastic grips found on the Q666. 1. Pull-out button angling adjustment, ensuring single adjust of each leg 2. Typical regulating design of elevator, offering the different damping effect depends on the weight of your camera 3. 5-section center column, realizing your lowest angle shooting 4. Quick release leg locking, giving a more convenient leg handling 5. Universal ball head handle with secured clip, double securing your camera from accident dropping. 6. It has a portable pocket, easy to carry! Weight (g): 1530 Extened Length (mm): 1545 Type: Professional Tripod Folded Length (mm): 350 Weight: 1530g Max. Load Capacity: 8kg Head Type: 360 degree Swivel Fluid Head Material: Aluminum Model Number: Q-668

Rp 815,000
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Brand : Yunteng Style : Professional Digital Camera / Camcorder Tripod Model Number : VCT-880rm Material : Aluminum Color : Black Head Type : pan head Way : 2 Folding height : 67cm Max operating height : 165cm Net weight : 2kg Max loading Capacity : 5kg Leg Sections : 3 Leg lock style Flip leg lock Diameter : 26.8mm Head features : Damping head ideal for precise controlover the camera positioning, Quick release plate forquick camera attachment and remove

Rp 600,000
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Godox SY-3000 Garansi 2 Minggu - Flash output power (WS): 55 - Flash Lamp index GN (ISO-Dapat kabel sync 3m - Bisa di trigger, bisa mata kucing (sensor cahaya flash lain) - Ada tombol test

Rp 220,000
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LED Video YongNuo YN-300II Harga: 700rb LED : 300 pcs LED Color : 150 pcs White (pcs Yellow (Beam Angle : 55 (without diffuser) Power Source : Battery Battery : NP-F970 or NP-F750 or NP-QM91D (not included) CRI Index : 90 Wattage : 18W Brightness Setting : 10 Levels Luminous : 2280 lumen (jarak 1m) Remote IR : 6m Garansi : 1 bulan Dapat 4 warna Diffuser: putih, biru, kuning, merah Temperatur bisa diatur, Aksesoris tambahan: Battery NP-F970: 340rb Charger NP-F970: 100rb

Rp 660,000
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Merk : Green L Coating : Tidak ada Material : Glass Penurunan 10Stop

Rp 200,000
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Merk : Green-L Coating : Tidak Material : Glass Stop : Turun 10 Stop

Rp 270,000
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Monopod Weifeng WT-1007 Material : Aluminium Alloy Color : Black Section : 4 tubes (27mm; 24mm; 21mm; 18mm) Folded Length : 62cm Max Height : 179cm Weight : 70gr Max Load : 3kg Ball head : Mini Ball head

Rp 220,000
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Monopod Manbily A-222 Material : Aluminium Alloy Color : Black Section : 5 tubes (25mm; 22mm; 19mm; 16mm; 13mm) Folded Length : 47cm Max Height : 165cm Weight : 400gr Max Load : 5kg Thread : 1/4 & 3/8

Rp 325,000
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Monopod Weifeng WT-1003 Dapat tas Material : Aluminium Alloy Color : Black Section : 4 tubes (27mm; 24mm; 21mm; 18mm) Folded Length : 54cm Max Height : 172cm Weight : 350gr Max Load : 3.5kg

Rp 125,000
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