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Edifier H750P

Edifier H750P

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Bendable microphone gives you complete control Adjustable headband for a secure, comfortable fit Volume controls located on headset wire Detachable mic Featuring a removable microphone, you can easily use the K830 as headphones. Plug in the bendable microphone when you need to conduct calls. Lavish comfort Designed with high-quality memory foam, the K830 is like a pillow for your ears. The soft leather earmuffs prevent sound leakage making your calls and games sound louder than before. Simple controls Adjust the volume on your K830 with the built-in control located on the headset wire. You can also turn your microphone on or off without leaving the screen on your computer. K830 Headphone, User Manual FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz20kHz IMPEDANCE: 32 MAX POWER: 50mW SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL: 98dB CABLE LENGTH: 2m WEIGHT: 0.21KG CONNECTOR: 3.5mm LINE CONTROL: Included

Rp 474,000
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Comfortable Leather Padding Clear sound and call quality Available in both black and white High-quality clear sound Experience true high quality sound from the Edifier M815 headset. This headset comes equipped with large 40mm drivers used for delivering a clear, crisp, and accurate sound. Hear every single note from your favorite songs with improved audio like you wouldnt believe. Choose Your Style Pick between two distinct styles. For those that prefer to have a classic electronic feel to their headphones the M815 is available in black. However, for those that feel white is more their style and would prefer to stick to their Apple theme the M815 is available in white as well. white colors. Full Leather Ear Cups For Comfort Enjoy listening to your music, podcasts, or audiobooks in full comfort of the leather ear cups. The around the ear supra-aural style of the M815 ensures that you obtain the full sound of any auditory experience. Take Command Of Your Listening The M815 comes with a volume slider useful for adjusting the volume of all listening experiences including calls. Use the mute switch to keep you muted while talking with others. M815 Headphone x 13M CableUser Manual x 1 FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz20kHz IMPEDANCE: 40 CONNECTOR TYPE: Straight SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL: 101dB CABLE LENGTH: 1.3m WEIGHT: 0.19KG CONNECTOR: 3.5mm INLINE CONTROL: Included

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Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your ear 15mm Neodymium magnets produce exceptional sound quality Mic control conveniently located on headphone wire Maximum comfort Ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort. Listen to your music on any of the stylish P185 earphones for countless hours. Unique angle lets you hear your music and phone calls louder than before. Hi-Fi sound Providing 112dB of sound, these Hi-Fi earphones create crystal clear sound. Developed with 15 mm Neodymium magnets, you will experience clear highs and powerful lows. Hands free calling Answer calls easily while on the go. The P185 lets you answer phone calls with a click of button through the built-in inline microphone. It also lets you control music playback. P185 Earphone, User Manual FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz20kHz IMPEDANCE: 32 CONNECTOR TYPE: Straight MAXIMUM POWER: 1mW SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL: 112dB CABLE LENGTH: 1.3m WEIGHT: 0.01KG CONNECTOR: 3.5mm

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Adjustable volume and mute switch Soft leather ear cups for long listening sessions High quality 40mm driver produces clear and full detailed sound Extremely Versatile The M710 comes with a splitter in the box ideal for the most versatile headset. The single cord connector is great for use on newer laptops, meanwhile the splitter makes them compatible with older laptops and smartphones. These headphones also come with an airplane adaptor making them great for flights. Sleek On-Ear Design The M710 has a sleek on-ear circumaural design. The folding ear cup design makes them ideal headphones for placing into a traveling case or bag. Drive Home The Sound With Great Comfort Obtain clear sound quality with the M710s 40mm drivers. Enjoy long listening sessions for both music and movies with the leather on-ear pads feels incredibly comfortable. Take Command Of Your Commute The M710 headphones are ideal for commuting. Plug the headphones into your phone to listen to your music, podcasts, or audio books during your commute. Adjust audio using the inline control. If you get a call during your commute, you can use your headphones inline microphone and mute switch to take command of the call. M710 Headphone x 1, Adapter Cable x 1, User Manual x 1 FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz20kHz IMPEDANCE: 32 SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL: 98dB CABLE LENGTH: 1.3m WEIGHT: 0.13kg CONNECTOR: 3.5mm INLINE CONTROL: Included

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Bluetooth, wireless headphones 10-16hr rechargeable lithium battery control mic and play/pause on the headphone ear cup Avoid wires with the W670BT headphones. These 40mm high quality sound units are designed to produce clear sound through Bluetooth connection. Power up Pair any device with Bluetooth to the W670BT. Featuring Bluetooth 2.1 and EDR technology the sound is magnificent and it has 10 meters transmission distance. So get up and walk away from your device without fear of disconnecting. Play music for 10 hours straight with rechargeable lithium battery. If on standby mode the battery will last 16hrs. Use the W670BT wireless or wired Connect a standard 3.5 mm audio line with a mic or use Bluetooth for wireless connection. Control play/pause, calls, skip and volume from controls on the headphone ear cup. Foldable Sturdy enough to resist damage and light enough that you can wear it all day. To store the W670BT, fold them into a compact shape to lay flat. Extra features The high-strength headband made of stainless steel has 8 adjustment levels on either sider for a perfect fit. The soft, leather ear cups, keep the sound driver from making contact with your ear and provides excellent breathability. W670BT FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz-20KHz IMPEDANCE: 32 SOUND PRESSURE LEVLE: 97dB CABLE LENGTH: 1.3M INLINE CONTROL: Yes CONNECTOR: 3.5mm

Rp 1,496,000
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Input Jack: 3.5mm Size (L x W x H): 5 x 20 x 25 Weight: 1.00

Rp 381,000
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Microphone features a 120 rotation Leather padded ear cups also

Rp 338,000
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Built-in mic/remote control 30mm speakers Anti-wiring and anti-pull cable Edifier has upgraded the H750P to incorporate an inline mic/remote. Designed with 30mm speakers in each ear cup, these classic speakers create natural sound. Elegance A glossy finish prevents noticeable fingerprints on your headphone. Choose from black, white or go funky with red. Flip and fold Lightweight and foldable, the H750P collapses into a compact size ultimate for traveling. Unique characteristics Stainless steel headband extends the life of the headphones by adding durability. Universal adaptive ear pads provide great comfort for extended use. TPE wire also lengthens the life of your H750P by preventing tangling. Mic/remote control Plug into your smartphone and switch from music to phone calls with a click of a button with the in-line mic/remote. A convertor cable is included for connectivity options. H750P Headphone, User Manual FREQUENCY RESPOMSE: 20Hz20kHz IMPEDANCE: 32 SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL: 91dB CABLE LENGTH: 1.2m WEIGHT: 0.15kg CONNECTOR: 3.5mm INLINE CONTROL:Yes DRIVER DIAMETER: 30mm

Rp 636,000
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MicroPack Power Pond 12C adalah power bank dengan kapasitas besar 31200 mAh yang dapat mengisi daya laptop dan device anda, mengisi daya laptop dengan AUTO VOLTASE yang dapat mendentifikasi voltase yang di gunakan pada laptop anda, terdapat LED indikator dan layar LCD untuk indikator kondisi daya dan pengisian daya voltase, temperatur dan perlindungan arus pendek,, micropack power pond 12C mempunyai 2 Port USB Output, di lengkapi baterai sel dengan tipe samsung Li-Ion input 18-21V/1-2A, USB output 5V/2A dan laptop output 15-21V/1-3.5A, Waktu pengisian 8-10 jam, 1 Pcs kabel 3 In 1 (termasuk Mini USB, Micro USB, Apple konektor), 1 Pcs kabel Konektor Laptop, 12 Pcs konektor untuk kebanyakan laptop, 1 Pcs AC adapter dan 1 Pcs Kabel AC Desain stylish, ringan, dan compact Memiliki perlindungan ganda untuk mencegah gadget dari kerusakan Dilengkapi indikator LED untuk melihat status power yang tersedia Baterai SAMSUNG Li-Ion Kapasitas tinggi : 31200mAh

Rp 2,580,000
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