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Grado SR125e

Grado SR125e

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Gak Usah Ragu Beli Disini Saja Gan Ruizu X08 HiFi DAP MP3 Player 8GB The Best Quality Jaminan Mutu *MOHON AGAR SELALU MENGKONFIRMASI KETERSEDIAAN STOCK KEPADA KAMI SEBELUM MELAKUKAN PEMBELIAN Ruizu X08 HiFi DAP MP3 Player 8GB Warna Tersedia: Golden Reizu X08 merupakan Digital Audio Player untuk memutar musik dengan kualitas HiFi. Mendukung format file MP3. WMA. FLAC. WMA. APE. Audible. OGG. APE. AAC-LC. ACELP. DAP ini juga memiliki fungsi lain seperti kalender. ebook reader. sound recorder. FM Radio. Timer. Sleep Time. dll. MP3 player ini dapat memainkan file musik lossless seperti FLAC. Kapasitas baterai mencapai jam penggunaan. Anda tidak perlu repot mengisi baterai MP3 player ini setiap harinya. Memiliki kapasitas penyimpanan 8GB dan juga memori tambahan dengan menambah kartu micro SD. Anda dapat menyimpan semua lagu favorit Anda di MP3 player ini. DAP ini juga memiliki fungsi lain seperti kalender. ebook reader. sound recorder. FM Radio. Timer. Sleep Time. dll. Barang-barang yang Anda dapat dalam kotak produk: 1 x MP3 Player 1 x USB Cable 1 x Earphone 1 x Manual - Connection: 3.5mm Jack - Battery Type: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery - Audio support: WMA. MP3. FLAC. APE - E-book support: TXT - Picture support: JPG. BMP. JPEG - Dimension: x x 10.6 mm - Storage: 8GB Internal TF Card Support - Display: 1.8 Inch - Resolution: x px - FM Radio HAPPY SHOPPING! Code: B1543 ****Terimakasih atas kunjunganya Hindari FeedBack Negatif. Mari Mencari Solusi Terbaik..SELAMAT BERBELANJA***

Rp 350,000
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Permisi Gn Mu Jul Sennheiser HD0-II Originl Brnd New In Box Grnsi Astrindo Thun Promo Ok Puny The HD 0-II closed. dynmic hi-fi stereo hedphones re the idel prtner for DJs nd powerful modern music. providing good insultion ginst mbient noise nd vivid. crisp bss response. The rugged lightweight hedphones hve secure fit nd cn used for both mobile sources nd home (mini) hi-fi systems. When out nd bout. convenient cord tke-up lets you djust the hedphone cble to the required length. Fetures Closed. supr-url. dynmic hi-fi stereo hedphones For DJs .idel for both mobile sources nd home mini hi-fi systems Good ttenution of mbient noise Ercups cn removed from the hedbnd Specilly designed dmping perfortion ensures powerful bss response Lightweight diphrgm mteril with turbine embossing for extremely low bss Powerful neodymium mgnets nd lightweight diphrgms for high sound levels Powerful bss nd incresed signl levels for modern rhythm-driven music Clips to the lt: cord tke-up for djusting the cble length when listening on the move Extremely comfortble to wer due to ultr-lightweight design. even for extended listening Rugged outdoor design with extremely flexible hedbnd 3 m highly conductive OFC copper cble Replceble letherette er pds -Yer Limited Wrrnty by Astrindo ****Terimksih ts kunjungny Hindri FeedBck Negtif. Mri Mencri Solusi Terbik..SELAMAT BERBELANJA***

Rp 533,000
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Diobrl Belnj Disini Sony NWZ Mp3 plyer grnsi resmi Temn Ok Puny Redy : BLUE But yng gemr rolhrg kini MP3 Plyer kembli mrk dipsrn komunits biking. running dn jogging ..dengn ntuk yng mungil sert sudh dilengkpi erphone dn kl memori internl gb SEBELUM MEMESAN HARAP DITANYAKAN YANG TERSEDIA TERLEBIH DAHULU.GARANSI RESMI 1TAHUN. Feel the music with the SONY Wlkmn Don t just Listen. feel the Music-Bet! With its Bss Boost feture. You cn give Your fvourite tunes the extr punch tht will keep You Rocking. Combining Quick Chrge with Drg Drop. NWZ-F keeps everything hssle free. so You cn concentrte on the music FEATs Bss Boost FM Recording Direct USB Drg Drop Trnsfer Long Bttery Pump Up Your Bss Sounds Sometimes You just need more. tht extr helping of power to lift Your fvourite trcks get Your groove on. With the Wlkmn ll You need to do is press the button brce Yourself for erth shttering bss 3-minute chrge for minutes of music When You run out of juice. You don t hve to out of tunes for long. Just quick 3-minute chrge nd You re redy to go with minutes*of music. *In MP3 formt t 128kbps Instnt Connection To Your PC Connecting the Wlkmn music plyer to Your PC is hssle-free effortless. No dditionl cbles or dptors re needed Trnsfer Your Music Hssle Free Trnsfer MP3. WMA. AAC-LC Liner PCM udio files esily vi drg-nd-drop to from your PC. or esy sync with Windows Medi Plyer. It s quick simple. Keep On Listening Let the music ply on. With up to hours of plybck. You cn enjoy more music less interruption ****Terimksih ts kunjungny Hindri FeedBck Negtif. Mri Mencri Solusi Terbik..SELAMAT BERBELANJA***

Rp 851,000
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Siapa Cepat Dapat Dijual Speaker DAZUMBA DW66 Hot Newsletter Bluetooth Garansi Garansi Tahun Dazumba DW66 Speaker . USB - SD/MMC - Bluetooth merupakan multimedia speaker dengan tampilan yang elegan. suara memukau untuk berbagai perlengkapan audio seperti PC. DVD Player. TV. PS dll melalui koneksi line input RCA. Dengan fitur Bluetooth. Anda dapat melakukan streaming musik dan mengendalikan segala sesuatu secara nirkabel dari Smartphone atau tablet. Frekuensi respon Hz - 8KHz Suara bass treble lebih responsif. menampilkan dentuman bass yang pas buat ruangan Anda Speaker satelite unit ohm Vokal terdengar lebih jelas sebening kristal melalui unit @pcs speaker satelite berukuran dengan impendensi ohm. Dimension Satellites : 06 (W) x (H) x (D) mm Speaker Subwoofer unit . ohm Speaker Subwoofer ukuran . dipadukan selaras dengan alunan musik pilihan Anda. Dimensions Subwoofer : 6 (W) x (H) x (D) mm Output power Watt RMS Dazumba DW66 . Speaker diberi kekuatan amplifier bertenaga W RMS sehingga alunan musik dengan volume suara kecilpun terdengar memukau Tersedia pengaturan master volume kontrol Bass Pengaturan master volume kontrol dirancang mudah dalam jangkauan termasuk pengaturan Bass Ready MP player lewat USB atau SD Card Musik nonstop akan tercipta sepanjang hari melalui MP Player. USB atau SD Card. Berbagai musik kesukaan akan dapat diputar dengan Dazumba DW66 . Speaker

Rp 370,000
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Beli Disini Gak Nyesel Deh Headset Gaming Sades Wolfang SA Kualitas Di Jamin Sound effect:7. simulated sound channels Frequency range: 20~20.000Hz Sensitivity: /- at Khz Impedance:2 Ohm at KHz Max Input power:0mW Mic Dimension:6.0*5.0mm Mic Sensitivity:-8 /- Mic FrequencyRange:50-0KHz Mic Impedance: 2.2K at khz Cable length:Approx.2.8m Input Plug:USB (USB connection provides power) Physical production:driver

Rp 301,000
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Beli Disini Gak Nyesel Deh Headphone/headset sony MDR-XB450AP extra bass with mic(bisa telf) ori The Best Quality Kualitas Bagus Acoustic Bass Booster for incredible bass response In-line microphone for hands-free phone calling 30 mm drivers for wide frequency response Lightweight on-the-ear design Swivel design for portability READY : DAN KUNING GARANSI RESMI SONY TAHUN ****Terimakasih atas kunjunganya Hindari FeedBack Negatif. Mari Mencari Solusi Terbaik..SELAMAT BERBELANJA***

Rp 713,000
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Yuk. Di Order Mumpung Lagi Promo DAP Ruizu X02 Digital Player 8GB Produk Pilihan Ruizu X02 Digital audio player internal memory: 8GB tersedia warna : black. red. white Spesifikasi : - Internal 8gb Support MicroSD hingga 64GB - Superior Sound Quality - Support MP3 WMA APE FLAC - Sound effects: kinds of equalizer - Charging/Synch menggunakan kabel data micro usb - Tersedia pilihan menu bahasa inggris indonesia - Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery - Function: Viewer. FM Radio. - Video Playback: Support AMV - Sound recorder: Support - E-Book reader: Support TXT - FM: Support 8.5MHZ~108MHZ - Sleep Timer - Calendar. Stopwatch Alarm

Rp 380,000
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Jngn Tunggu Lgi Beli Sekrng Hedset Gming Sdes S Locust Terlris Product Feture: Buit-in USB 7.1 sound chnnel effect the subtle ttcking sound in the field cn restored clerly. Unique Specil brething ermuffs with ir comfortble nd brethble s well s multi-point pressure-relieving frme. High qulity silicone mteril mic. soft nd durble. TPE high-strength nd high-elstic rubr wire. environmentl protection nd durble. Grdully cellulr respirtion dzzle cool. Ltest revolving control for sound djustment nd buttons for mute of Mic nd hedset. Technicl Prmeter: Wering Styles: Hedbnd .Over-Er Plug Type: USB Hedphone Type: Gming Hedset locust Driver Dimeter: 40mm Frequency Rnge: 20Hz-20KHz Sensitivity: 122dB 3dB Impednce: 24 Mx Input Power: 20mW Mic Dimeter: 4.0x1.5mm Sensitivity: -40dB 3dB Directivity: Omnidirectionl Cble Lenght: Appr. 2.0m

Rp 613,000
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Yuk. Di Order Mumpung Lagi Promo PIONEER HDJ Terlaris PIONEER HDJ SILVER DAN GOLD READY Tuned to deliver more impact in the lower bass frequencies Improved for better fit and comfort Easy fold-away structure design The headphones include two interchangeable cords providing freedom of movement during performances. oem products MISTER GADGET : 407 BB PIN : LINE : dodylim WEBSITE : <a target=_blank : mistergadgetstore

Rp 459,000
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Beli Sekrng EDIFIER Erphone H85 Produk Pilihn The ultr-lightweight Edifier H85 Erphones will pmper your ers nd give you the ultimte comfort for your music listening plesure. This in-er erphones offer excellent noise-isoltion to remove bckground sounds. ensuring long hours of fun music listening perfect for those who re vid music listeners. Superior Sound The Edifier H85 Erphones feture gret drivers tht deliver high-output sound nd wide dynmic rnge from virtully ny portble device. nywhere your trvels tke you. The powerful 9mm Neodymium mgnet lso provides outstnding udio clrity for ll music genres. Bss response extends ll the wy down to Hz. while high frequencies re reproduced out pst kHz. mking the H85 perfect for todys digitl music sources. Universl Jck You cn esily connect the Edifier H85 Erphone to ny udio device using the 3.5mm uxiliry input to turn this wesome erphones into stylish. gret sounding udio device. Theres Something About Edifier With ten yers of experience in Design nd Mnufcturing of mplified spekers. the concept of innovtion through dedicted reserch. defines the future for Edifier products. Sles of severl models of products hve now exceeded over two million units Worldwide. mking Edifier clss leder nd wrd winner. dinili dy : mw nominl impednsi : 32 tingkt teknn sur ( spl ) : 2db respon frekuensi : hz - KHz pnjng kbel : .3 m konektor : 3.5 mm stereo steker

Rp 204,000
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Kami Menjual Speaker JBL CHARGE 2 ORIGINAL - Merah Best Seller Jaminan Mutu JBL CHARGE 2 ORIGINAL - MERAH GARANSI RESMI TAHUN ****Terimakasih atas kunjunganya Hindari FeedBack Negatif. Mari Mencari Solusi Terbaik..SELAMAT BERBELANJA***

Rp 2,970,000
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Sennheiser MX MX Teman Garansi Resmi Distributor tahun

Rp 537,000
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Diobral Belanja Disini Sennheiser MX Inear Headphones Murah High performance dynamic drivers for powerful dynamic. booming bass Ultra lightweight and ergonomically designed for an optimum fit and comfort Storage pouch for hassle-free portability Optimised for MP3. iPad. iPod. iPhone (iPad. iPhone and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc.. registered in the U.S. and other countries.) and portable media players *Tanyakan ketersediaan barang melalui diskusi produk Sound Garden. Level Up Your Sound Taste!

Rp 297,000
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Jangan Tunggu Lagi Beli Sekarang Multimedia Aktif Speaker SIMBADDA CST N Grosir Update di atas adalah yg terbaru per tgl Maret 1. Per tanggal Agustus 1. naik dari idr 1.060.000.- menjadi idr 1.090.000.- Per tanggal November 1. naik dari idr 1.090.000.- menjadi idr 1.10.000.- Design futuristik dengan penampilan LED biru pada sub woofer serta suara jernih dan tajam dengan speaker satelite 2. serta sub woofer berdiameter .2 memberikan kesan elegan dan bagian sub woofer dilengkapi dengan bluetooth. card reader dan USB sebagai pemutar musik dari Flashdisk atau memory MMC/SD Card. memudahkan untuk menikmati hiburan musik diruangan pribadi Anda. Spesifikasi: Koneksi line input jack RCA Output power 6 Watt RMS Frequency Response Hz KHz Signal to noise rasio 6dB Tersedia pengaturan master volume kontrol Tersedia pengaturan bass treble level Tersedia headphone input (jack 3. mm) Ready MP3 player lewat USB atau SD Card bluetooth Dimensi: Subwoofer : 3 X 2 X mm Satelit : X 0 X mm OCR Elektronik sangat merekomendasikan tipe CST N ini utk anda yg sangat menginginkan kualitas suara yg terbaik :) Beli langsung datang ke toko kami berikan diskon lagi rb rupiah!

Rp 1,599,000
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Jangan Tunggu Lagi Beli Sekarang EARPHONE BLUETOOTH BLUEDIO M3 Diskon *TERSEDIA HITAM DAN PUTIH Main Features: Portable wireless Bluetooth headset. easy to carry Bluetooth 4. low energy technology. the headset owns longer working time High strength waterproof and sweat design.effectively prevent sweat and rain interfere with headset operation Support multi-point pairing. connect to mobile phones simultaneously Two languages ( Chinese. English ) voice prompt Perfect sound. bring clear sound and amazing feeling Human engineering design and high quality materials make the headset comfortable for daily use Compatible with most of the smart cell phones. computer and other device which has Bluetooth function Brand: Bluedio Model : M3 Color : Black. White Wearing type : In-Ear Function : HiFi. Noise Cancelling. Answering phone. Bluetooth. Microphone Connectivity : Wireless Connecting interface : Micro USB Application : Computer. Sport. Mobile Phone Cable length : 0.m Sound channel: Two-channel (stereo) Working time: Music time: About hours. Talk time: About hours Standby time: About hours Charging time: Around hours Bluetooth: Yes Bluetooth version: V4. Bluetooth distance: W/O obstacles =0m Bluetooth protocol: ADP. AVRCP. HSP. HFP Bluetooth mode: Hands free Product weight : 0.05 kg Package weight : 0.35 kg Product size (L x W x H) : .80 x 0.0 x 5.00 cm / 0. x 0.8 x .9 inches Package size (L x W x H) : 0.0 x 4.0 x 0.00 cm / 3.9 x .85 x .8 inches Package contents: x M3 Bluetooth Headset. x T-light Earplug(L/M/S). x USB Charging Cable

Rp 267,000
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Belanja Disini Pasti Aman Beli Sekarang MP3 Player Transcend MP330 FREE Magnetic Cable Hitam Garansi Digital Music Players MP330 merupakan kombinasi sempurna dari sebuah media pemutar musik digital dan perangkat penyimpanan portabel. yang berdesain stylish dari Transcend. dengan ukuran mini dan memiliki konektor USB yang universal dan menawarkan berbagai fungsi yang berguna. SPESIFIKASI Color Hitam Dimensions 85 x 25.5 x .5mm Display White Monochrome OLED Resolution 28x32 Display Resolution Weight 25g Battery Life Time Music Playback Time:6hr (Fully Charged). Max. Recording Hours: 20hr (Low Quality) Beterry Type Li-Polymer Capacity 8GB Certificates CE. FCC. BSMI Compression Rates 32Kbps to 320Kbps FM Function Ya Line-in Recording Ya S/N Ratio lebih dari 90dB Audio Format MP3. WMA. Format - Image Format - E-Book Format - Recording Format IMA_ADPCM Tahun Distributor Resmi

Rp 502,000
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Beli Disini Aja MP3 Player Transcend MP300 FREE Magnetic Cable Hitam Terlaris Dengan desain stylist nikmati perjalanan harian Anda dengan Digital Music Players MP300 dari Transcend. MP300 menampilkan desain yang sangat ringan. memiliki daya tahan baterai yang baik. dan kontrol intuitif. MP300 adalah pendamping ideal bagi Anda yang hobi mendengarkan musik di mana saja dan kapan saja. FITUR UTAMA Standby lebih dari jam terus menerus Ultra-ringan dan desain Stylist Playing untuk format MP3. dan WMA file musik Mode Pemutaran acak dan bisa berurutan USB Flash Drive yang berkemampuan untuk transfer data dan penyimpanan Garansi tahun (baterai Li-polymer: enam bulan) SPESIFIKASI Color Hitam Weight g (0.6oz) Battery Life Time Jam Beterry Type Li-Polymer Capacity 8 GB Certificates CE. FCC. BSMI Compression Rates 32Kbps to 320Kbps S/N Ratio Lebih besar 90dB Audio Format MP3. WMA. (IMA_ADPCM)

Rp 428,000
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Permisi Gn Mu Jul Rzer Ferox Grnsi Produk Pilihn Rzer Ferox Redy Stock lngsung Klik Beli Sj untuk Stock brng kosong mk tidk di etlse dipindhkn ke gudng. Rzer Ferox Originl Grnsi Distributor Resmi Rzer Techno Solution selm Thun (Apbil keruskn Dignti dengn Produk Bru di Service Center Resmi Rzer Mngg Du Mll Lnti No. (0) 6006) Rzer Ferox Frequency response: 50Hz to 0KHz Drivers: 30mm neodymium mgnets Approx. hours with stndrd usge Dul-color LED bttery sttus indictor Bttery cpcity: 70mAh 3.5mm udio jck USB Power: x 3W Crrying cse included System Requirements Audio device with 3.5mm udio jck Device with USB port (for chrging) PROMO PROMO PROMO PROMO PROMO PROMO Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox . Rzer Ferox

Rp 441,000
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Beli Disini Aja Headset Sony Earphone MDR-XB50AP Blue Kualitas TOP Kualitas Di Jamin Fitur Dirancang khusus unit driver 2mm Neodymium magnet untuk pengiriman suara kuat Didukung Bass Duct untuk bass ekstra dalam In-line jarak jauh dan mikrofon untuk panggilan telepon hands-free Include Carrying Pouch Type Closed. Dynamic Driver Unit 2mm DOME TYPE(CCAW) Sensitivity 0/mW Power Handling Capacity 00mW Impedance 6 Ohm(kHz) Frequency Response 4-24.000Hz Diaphragm PET Magnet Neodymium Cord Y type. flat Litz cord Cord Length .2m Plug L-shaped Gold-plated Four-Conductor Stereo Mini Weight (Without Cord) Approx. 8g Supplied Accessories Carring Pouch (). Earbuds (SS. S. M. L) MICROPHONE Unit/Type Electret condenser Directivity Omni directional Frequency Range 20 Hz 20.000 Hz Open circuit voltage level 40 (0 = V/Pa)

Rp 593,000
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Kami Menjual HEADPHONE SONY EXTRA BASS ORIGINAL Produk Pilihan * Mohon melakukan pengecekan stok sebelum melakukan transaksi. * Garansi bulan * Klaim garansi harus diserahkan beserta kotak produk dan semua kelengkapan isi di dalamnya (Baca di Kebijakan Pengembalian Product) Pilihan Warna : -hitam. kuning. biru. merah. silver Saat Anda bepergian. dengarkan musik Anda dalam suara seimbang yang jernih menggunakan headphones dengan driver mm dinamis. Earpad berbantalan memberikan Anda kenyamanan ekstra saat bepergian. headphone meningkatkan fungsi smartphone Android. mm dome driver untuk suara seimbang Magnet neodymium daya tinggi memberikan suara bertenaga Rentang frekuensi HzkHz Earcup berbantalan untuk kenyamanan mendengar Pilihan warna sesuai gaya Anda Driver dinamis neodymium menghasilkan suara presisi Dengan unit driver dinamis neodymium mm yang ringan headphone dapat menghasilkan respons mantap dan ritmis. dengan musik yang paling menuntut sekalipun. Dikombinasikan dengan diafragma yang sangat sensitif. Anda dapat meningkatkan volume headphone tanpa memerlukan ampli dan tetap menikmati audio presisi yang jernih sepanjang spektrum. TIPE TERTUTUP Ya TIPE DINAMIS Ya UNIT DRIVER mm dinamis Jenis dome DIAFRAGMA PET RESPONS FREKUENSI (HZ) .000Hz SENSITIVITAS (DB/MW) dB/mW IMPEDANSI (OHM) 4 ohm (KHz) PANJANG KABEL . m

Rp 147,000
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