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DISTRIBUTOR 2 YEARS WARRANTY Model : A012 Lens Construction (Groups/Elements) : 13/18 Diaphragm Blade Number : 9 (circular diaphragm)* Minimum Aperture : F/22 Minimum Focus Distance : 0,28m Macro Magnification Ratio : 1:5 Weight 1,100 g Standard Accessories : Lens caps (push-on front, rear) Hood : Integrated flower-shaped hood Mount Available : EOS and NIKON

Rp 13,995,000
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GARANSI 2 TAHUN DISTRIBUTOR RESMI Available for CANON, NIKON, AND SONY Tamron's next generation 18-270mm, the worlds lightest, smallest 15x zoom optimized for use on APS-C- DSLRs, continues the pursuit of the ideal all-in-one zoom lens. Combining prior award-winning achievements with new engineering breakthroughs yielded the remarkable 18-270mm F/Di II VC PZD (Piezo Drive). Special piezoelectric technology now delivers faster, quieter precision autofocusing. Tamron's exclusive tri-axial VC (Vibration Compensation) image stabilization, featuring three pairs of driving coils and low-friction ball bearings placed around the VC optical group, combats camera shake-related image blur. It's Tamron VC that allows handheld shooting at as many as four shutter speeds slower than otherwise possible with a dramatically stable viewfinder experience. Compactness and light weight are preserved, thanks in part to the VC mechanism's newly-developed moving coil mechanism. Defining compositional freedom the 18-270mm Di-II VC's incredible 15x zoom range provides a 35mm picture angle equivalency of 28mm to 419mm, with image fidelity assured by advanced optical design featuring LD glass and aspherical optics, working in concert to render crisp, colorful and faithful images.

Rp 4,240,000
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DISTRIBUTOR 2 YEARS WARRANTY Designed for optimum handling ease and portability (it weighs only 458g / 16.2oz), it's ideal for handheld shooting with full-frame and APS-C format SLRs. Its unsurpassed close-focusing ability (down to 0.95m(3.1 feet) or 1:2 in macro mode) makes it perfect for nature and portrait photography. Filter Size : 62mm Lenght : 116,5mm Weight : 458gr Min Focus Distance : 0,95m (Macro Mode) Mount Compatible : PLEASE CONTACT US Nb. Sample photo taken from Tamron site

Rp 1,615,000
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GARANSI 2 TAHUN DISTRIBUTOR RESMI Available for CANON, NIKON, AND SONY The Tamron SP designation is reserved for lenses developed with special emphasis on extraordinary photographic performance. Engineers are free to innovate in an uncommon atmosphere where optical performance comes before price, resulting in lenses that satisfy the demands of discerning photographers. Play with light as you explore the subtle aspects of beauty. An all-new, high-speed standard zoom lens with image stabilization. Photographic artists have been waiting for a full-featured, constant-aperture zoom lens. The wait is over. The A007 is a high-quality, highly functional, high-speed standard zoom lens covering the 2470mm focal range*1. It includes both Tamrons proprietary VC (Vibration Compensation) image stabilization to reduce shake and its USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive) motor, enabling speedy, silent autofocusing. This SP (Super Performance) series lens makes full use of specialized glass elements in its lens layout, designed with top priority on image quality, including three LD elements and two XR (Extra Refractive Index) glasses. Tamron has minimized all types of chromatic aberration in the A007, making it a lens at the top of its class whether you use it on a digital APS-C, full-frame, or 35mm SLR camera. The A007s F/2.8 aperture enables a balance between brilliant resolution and beautiful soft blur effects. This ideal lens makes full use of Tamrons rounded diaphragm*2 and the uncontrived, artistic blur that it provides. It is also Tamrons rst lens to feature our new moisture-resistant construction. Portraits. Landscapes. Studio shoots. This is the lens for them all. Capture the nest details of your images in precisely the way you have always wanted to. Extend your art to the limits of your inspiration with the A007.

Rp 13,570,000
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Max Height 1480mm Min Height 580mm Folded Height 625mm Wight 1150gr Max Load 2kg Bag Included Fluid Pan-Head : Kepala menggunakan pelumas, sehingga gerakan lebih halus, sangat cocok untuk videography

Rp 300,000
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FEATURES : * REIMAGINE MOVEMENT Motion without blur. Action shots without shake. Perfect video even when you move. Thanks to advanced technologies specifically designed to keep the camera flat no matter how you move it, the DJI Osmo helps you record videos and take photos like never before. It is much more than just a camera. It helps you create with more freedom than ever. - Cinematic Weddings - Adrenaline Pumping Action - Inspiring Exploration - Moments Of Life - Perfect Selfies * THE WORLD IN 360 * CAPTURE TIME * TRIPOD-FREE LONG-EXPOSURES * ADVANCED STABILIZATION * POWER IN YOUR PALM * REMOTE CONTROL * PERFECT VISION COMPATIBLE DEVICE : Microphones (Confirmed) : * Sennheiser MKE400 * Sony ECM DS70P * Rode VideoMic Pro * Rode VideoMicro * Mymyk Smartmyk * DED DV-889

Rp 8,000,000
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DISTRIBUTOR 2 YEARS WARRANTY Specifications : * Model : C001 * Lens Construction (Groups/Elements) : 13/17 * Angle of View : 7522' - 815' * Diaphragm Blade Number : 7 (circular diaphragm) * Minimum Aperture : F/22 ~ F/40 * Minimum Focus Distance : 0,5m * Macro Magnification Ratio : 1:3.8 (at f=150mm MFD 0.5m) * Filter Diameter : 52 * Weight : 285g * Length : 80.4mm * Diameter : 63,5 * Accessory : Flower-shaped Lens hood * Mount : Micro Four Thirds

Rp 6,890,000
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FREE 1PC HOYA UV PHL 67MM (PERIOD FEBRUARY - MARCH 2016) EVERY PURCHASE THIS LENS WITH NIKON MOUNT ONLY. Available For : EOS, NIKON, PENTAX, and SONY High speed, high performance, perfect light and image control * With its wide F/2.8 constant aperture, this superb high-speed wide-angle-to-medium-telephoto (26-78mm equivalent) zoom lets you create natural-looking pictures in almost any light, and shoot at faster shutter speeds too. * One of the most compact and lightweight lenses in its class, its shallow depth of field at wide apertures allows you to create dramatic pictorial and portrait effects by softening background details so the subject looks more vibrant and three-dimensional.

Rp 3,735,000
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EX Series : Velbon builds tripods of proven design with high quality standards for your everyday use. * A new generation of tripods which fit beginners and also advanced photographers. * Velbon builds in quality in the entry-level EX Series tripods. * Experience with this Tripod will extend your ability to make better photos. 4 section : 153cm : 45cm Weight: 1.2kg : 2kg

Rp 425,000
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* Pan-Head * Sudah dapat tas 4 Section Max Height : 180cm Min Height : 64cm Weight : 600gr Max Load : 3kg

Rp 200,000
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Max Height 1600mm Min Height 180mm Max Load 4kg Exclusive Bag Included

Rp 500,000
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Hanya 1 warna pilihan, SILVER saja 3 Section Tinggi Maksimal : 134cm Tinggi Minimum : 50cm Tinggi Terlipat : 53cm Berat : 860gram Beban Maksimal : 3kg Sangat cocok untuk traveling dengan menggunakan compact kamera, handycam ataupun DSLR Compact dengan tidak lebih dari 3kg.

Rp 150,000
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FREE 1PC HOYA CPL SLIM PHL 77MM (PERIOD FEBRUARY - MARCH 2016) EVERY PURCHASE THIS LENS WITH EOS / CANON MOUNT ONLY. The Tamron SP designation is reserved for lenses developed with special emphasis on extraordinary photographic performance. Engineers are free to innovate in an uncommon atmosphere where optical performance comes before price, resulting in lenses that satisfy the demands of discerning photographers. Tamron was first to offer the 10-24mm ultra wide-angle 2.4X zoom perspective for digital SLRs, successfully resolving numerous optical engineering challenges. Rendering picture angles approximating 16 to 37mm in the 35mm (film) or full-frame DSLR formats, landscapes, streetscapes, architecture and confining interiors come to life beautifully. Images exhibit negligible distortion in normal use, butif the photographer choosesspectacular effects can be introduced by disregarding the camera's relationship to level. Lens Construction (Groups/Elements) : 9/12 Diaphragm Blade Number : 7 Maximum Aperture : F/3.5-4.5 Minimum Focus Distance : 0,24m Macro Magnification Ratio : 1:5.1 (at f=24mm, MFD:0.24m) Filter Diameter : 77 Weight : 406g Diameter x Length : 83.2mm x 86.5mm Accessory : Flower shaped Lens hood

Rp 4,835,000
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The Tamron SP designation is reserved for lenses developed with special emphasis on extraordinary photographic performance. Engineers are free to innovate in an uncommon atmosphere where optical performance comes before price, resulting in lenses that satisfy the demands of discerning photographers. The SP 60mm F/2.0 Di II Macro derives its exceptional imaging performance from one of photography's revered opticsthe Tamron SP 90mm F/2.8 Di Macro. The SP 60mm F/2.0's focal length and digital imaging design properties bring the picture angle characteristics and macro performance of the SP 90mm to APS-C format photographers. A remarkable best-in-class F2.0 maximum aperture enables low light shooting at lower and more desirable ISO settings. Producing a picture angle equivalent to a 93mm lens on a full frame DSLR or 35mm film SLR, the SP 60mm is ideal for portraiture and general photography. Here too, the F2.0 maximum aperture extends creative opportunities by rendering attractively obscured backgrounds and foregrounds. The heart of the SP 60mm enables breathtaking close-up images with a reproduction ratio up to 1:1 (life-size). Precise Internal Focusing (IF) is augmented by full-time Manual Focus control which makes fine tuning easy. Lens Construction (Groups/Elements) : 10/14 Angle of View : 26 35 (APS-C size equivalent) Diaphragm Blade Number : 7 Minimum Focus Distance : 0,23m Macro Magnification Ratio : 1:1 Filter Diameter : 55 Weight : 400g Diameter x Length : 73 x 80mm Accessory : Lens hood

Rp 4,160,000
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FY-G4 QD Handheld Gimbal merupakan monopod dengan fungsi rotor 3-Axis. Rotor ini berfungsi untuk menstabilkan kamera agar tidak bergoyang. Cocok untuk Anda yang ingin merekam video dalam kondisi bergerak. QD Version dapat digunakan untuk XIAOMI YI dan Action Camera lain dengan ukuran 33 - 46mm.<br/><br/># 3-Axis Motor<br/>Steady gimbal dapat menstabilkan kamera dengan sangat baik berkat teknologi 3-aix yang menyeimbangkan kamera dari segala sudut. Rekaman Anda akan semakin jelas meskipun Anda merekam dalam keadaan bergerak.<br/><br/># Design<br/>FeiyuTech FY-G4 QD Ultra Handheld Gimbal hadir dengan design khusus untuk Anda pencinta fotografi. Anda dapat dengan mudah mendapatkan hasil foto yang lebih stabil dan sempurna (tidak blur). Holder juga dapat diputar sesuai keinginan Anda menggunakan rotor.<br/><br/># Quick Dismantle<br/>Sistem clamp dari G4 QD menggunakan jepitan sehingga mudah untuk melepas pasang kamera tanpa perlu menggunakan baut dan obeng.<br/><br/># Easy to Use<br/>Anda dapat dengan gampang melepas ekstension bar yang berguna untuk menyesuaikan posisi angle yang Anda butuhkan ketika sedang mengambil gambar.<br/><br/># Remote Function<br/>Heading Following Mode : Pitch and roll locking, heading smooth rotation follow the direction of the handheld.<br/>Heading And Pitch Following Mode : Roll locking ,heading and pitch smooth rotation follow the direction of the handheld.<br/>Locking Mode : Heading ,pitch and roll locking.

Rp 2,550,000
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Available mount: Nikon & Canon 2 Years Distributor Warranty Brilliant Evolution Tamrons All-In-One Zoom Lens Evolution Continues Announcing An Exceptional New Lens For Full-Frame DSLRs Since the launch of its first versatile high-performance, high-power zoom, the 28-200mm (Model 71D) in 1992, Tamron has continued to expand its long-range zoom portfolio. In response to the growing popularity of full-frame digital SLR cameras, Tamron is now launching a new, full-frame, high-power zoom incorporating PZD (Piezo Drive), a standing-wave ultrasonic motor system optimized for swift, quiet autofocus, along with the acclaimed VC (Vibration Compensation) mechanism plus a new upscala cosmetic design and finish. This all-In-oneTM 28-300mm lens delivers superb image quality In a remarkably compact, lightweight package, and is the fruit of Tamrons program of extensive technological development over the years. * State-of-the-art optical design technology delivers superior image quality The advanced optical construction of this lens includes four elements of LD (Low Dispersion) glass, three Molded-Glass Aspherical elements, one Hybrid Aspherical element, one XR (Extra Refractive Index) glass element, and one element of UXR (Ultra-Extra Refractive Index) glass, which has greater refractive index than XR. The full use of specialized glass elements in its design contributes to making this outstanding lens as compact and lightweight as possible, while minimizing aberrations, resulting in superior image quality. * PZD (FTM) The PZD ultrasonic motor delivers a noticeably faster and at the same time quieter autofocus action ideal for capturing spontaneous moments in razor-sharp images. Furthermore, it also allows you the option of manually focussing the lens at any time. * VC Image Stabilization (Vibration Compensation) The tried-and-tested Tamron VC Image Stabilizer (Vibration Compensation) ensures this lens delivers sharp and shake-free images. This means that the lens is also perfectly suited for hand-held photos and low-light conditions. * Splash-proof design The complex lens construction is splash-proof. As a result, this lens is also suitable for sophisticated outdoor photography.

Rp 9,840,000
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Available for: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus. Flash output ~ High max. guide number 52 (meters), High max. guide number 170 (feet) for ISO 100/21 and 105 mm Basic configuration ~ Vertical (+90) and horizontal (300) swivel reflector ~ Illuminated touchscreen display with automatic swivel function (90) ~ Simple operating concept ~ Motorised zoom for 24105 mm illumination ~ Spot zoom mode ~ Integrated wide-angle diff user for 12 mm illumination ~ Flip-out reflector card ~ Modelling light (permanent light to check shadow) ~ Integrated autofocus flash metering ~ Flash readiness indicator and correct exposure display on unit and on camera (subject to camera) ~ LCD flash range display ~ Automatic unit shut-off ~ Metal base* with quick lock * Excludes Sony model Standard flash modes ~ TTL flash mode (digital only) ~ Manual flash mode with 22 partial lighting levels ~ Servo flash mode with learning function ~ HSS high speed synchronisation ~ 1st and 2nd shutter curtain synchronisation ~ Manual flash exposure correction for TTL flash mode ~ Automatic fill-in flash

Rp 2,800,000
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Lens hood is one of the most important accessories for each lens you own. A lens hood provides multiple functions: it shades the lens from stray light, improving your contrast and image quality; in inclement weather, it can assist in keeping moisture or wind-blown debris off the lens; and it protects the front barrel from the inevitable impacts against walls, door frames, and other real-life obstacles. * Compatible Products : Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM * Gross Weight : 26g * Net Weight : 12g * Real Size : 7,5 x 7,5 x 2cm * Packing size : 12,2 x 8,5 x 4cm * Material : ABS

Rp 125,000
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HOYA DIGITAL KIT FILTER 49MM Kit Includes: 1pc UV(C) Multi Coated Filter, 1pc Circular PL Filter, 1pc ND 8X Filter, 1pc FIlter Pouch 1pc FIlter Guidebook. Compatible with HD Video.

Rp 400,000
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Merk : KOKAII Packaging : Plastic Box Type : CIR-PL SLIM Filter Size : 62mm.

Rp 200,000
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